Project management

See trough the life cycle of all projects.​

When the roles and project structure are perfectly defined, even the most complex operations will run smoothly.

Our practice​

In a well-functioning project culture the progress of all projects is visible all the time. Together with our customer
we create the best possible project practices.

1. Kick start

We start with the present state mapping and create a proposal of improvement and needed development activities. We pre-plan and agree on the content of the development initiative.

2. Definition

Based on the pre-planning we develop your project model, project and portfolio processes and roles. We then create instructions for each role in project and portfolio management processes.

3. Deployment

We ensure specific guidance during the implementation of the new processes. We clarify the roles of each player in the project and portfolio management to enable transparency at all levels.

4. Structured model

Project teams are set up with a clarified understanding of their initiatives. The developed model can be flexibly used in any future projects. Project portfolio management is embedded into the existing company governance.


"Ani’s course was a good introduction to important early phase project management items which need to be clear for any project manager in order to deliver a successful project."
Tommi Heikkilä
Helsinki Shipyard
"The lecturer has a deep knowledge and has a wonderful way to teach - you can understand everything very easily. This course helped me a lot - I can only say thank you very much. I am much more effective now."
Heike Lee
Stadtentwässerungsbetrieb Düsseldorf
"I learnt a lot about managing projects effectively. I liked the facilitators technique, simplicity and effectiveness."
Khayyam Sohail Abbasi
Product management lead
"Ani’s guidance helped me better understand the process and how it works within real life projects. Highly recommend."
Christina Curtis
Asana Consultant