Practice the most cost effective and beneficial way of carrying out complex projects.

Project management

Every project reserves to succeed. Let us help you to optimize your project processes to ensure that even the most complex operations will run smoothly.

Portfolio management

Developing your project portfolio processes we’ll ensure that you’re focused on the most valuable work to drive your organisation’s strategic goals.

Staff leasing

Lease our experience. We’ll provide you the project, program and project portfolio management expertise that you need to complete your team.

Project management

When everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. Mastering project management enables companies to get the most out of their teams in a way that saves resources and minimises possible inconveniences.

Meet Ani


Ani has helped hundreds of project enthusiasts and companies to discover the most efficient approaches of managing projects and project portfolios.

“There are effective ways for companies to follow the realization of their strategy in a project portfolio.

I like to introduce my customers to a clear approach, no matter if projects are run in an agile or traditional way.”

Does your team manage large projects simultaneously and find it challenging to follow up the budget, schedule and ongoing activities of the projects?

By improving your project culture you can

The growth you deserve and the structure you need.

Utilize your time on your strenghts. Grow your revenue by mastering the skills of project management.